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Happy Spring! Time to Plant Your Seeds

Monday marked the beginning of the Chinese new year, the year of the Fire Monkey, and with it the beginning of spring in the Chinese astrological calendar. February 1st is also the day of Brigid, or Imbolc, a pagan holiday marking the coming of spring. “…Brigid represents the light half of the year, and the power that will bring people from the dark season of winter into spring…” Continue reading

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Achoo! – Tips to Weather a Longer Allergy Season

Pollen is in integral part of the web of life, but it is also what wreaks havoc on the immune systems of millions of people every year. With short, warm and dry winters, and early springs and summers allergy season has become longer and more intense in recent years. I’ve seen a growing number of people in the clinic suffering from itchy eyes and runny noses. People who have had allergies in the past have worsening symptoms, and people who did not suffer before suddenly find themselves sneezing. Continue reading