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Marie Kondo, Alternative Medicine, and the Process of Healing Deeply

Last month in the middle of a health crisis I realized something surprising: Marie Kondo knows a lot about healing.

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Star Wars and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Force By Any Other Name

The Star Wars franchise re-awakened this winter and with it my love for that epic story. After watching Episode VII twice, scouring the internet for the back story and plot hole explanations, and re-watching the original trilogy, I started wondering, “What is it about the Force and the Jedi that has such a powerful hold on my imagination?” I’m an acupuncturist, that’s what. Continue reading

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Tupac’s Dad Was an Acupuncturist, and Other Tales on the Revolutionary Power of Acupuncture

On Monday a client asked me to come to her house to do group acupuncture for her and a group of friends. I treated six people in the comfort of her living room, and sat for an hour listening to their gentle slumbering as they drifted off to Acu-land. When it was over and I was un-pinning the last person I heard one of the participants talking about how amazing the experience had been for them, especially since most of the group was comprised of queer folks of color. I smiled quietly, thinking to myself, “This is exactly why I went to acupuncture school.” Continue reading