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Jim’s Story: Chronic Pain and Anxiety Relief

Jim came to me over a month ago for low back, knee, ankle and shingles pain, along with lifelong anxiety. Yesterday was his fifth treatment. When he sat down on my couch at the beginning of our session he looked at me apologetically and confessed, “I was trying to think of what I wanted to work on today but everything is doing so well I don’t know what to say!” In addition to relief from pain he had suffered with for years, just taking the time to come in for an hour in the middle of his busy week (he is the father of five and works a physically-demanding job at New Seasons) is making all the difference in his health. Focused work on his back, knees and ankles improved the pain almost immediately, and his anxiety is down, which keeps the shingles pain at bay and helps everything else.  Jim is a poster child for the healing power of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. As many times as I have seen it happen I am still constantly amazed.

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Trying Acupuncture For the First Time, Nickel-Free

Often folks who haven’t tried acupuncture before want to know what it will be like. When Christy inquired about treatment for eczema it came with a twist. She has a nickel allergy and wondered if there were nickel-free needle options. I had never treated someone with a nickel allergy before but after some searching found out that most acupuncture needles are stainless steel, which means they likely have nickel in them. Luckily, Tai Chi brand acupuncture needles have a gold-plated, nickel-free variety, so we decided to try them out and blog about it. Below is Christy’s account of the experience as shared on her blog Many thanks to Christy for sharing her personal story. You can check out her post here, and learn more about her below. Continue reading

Tips Keeping Healthy in the Fall Season

Ever since the Summer Solstice on June 21st the sun has been gradually waning. The Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd signifies the middle point of this process. Even thougth the weather has been warm, the yang (the bright, forceful, warm energy of nature) has been slowly moving inward, into the dark womb of the world to hibernate for the winter months. And as the yang of the Northern hemisphere moves inward so do we. These past few weeks have been the dog days of summer, time to bring the harvest in, wrap up summer projects and set things in order. The Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah began on September 13th to mark the end of one agricultural season and the beginning of the next. A friend told me that one’s house is cleaned for the celebration, which seems a fitting way to mark this transition into the coming season. It’s time to sweep out the hearth before lighting the fires that will carry us through the long night. Continue reading

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Eating Healthy on $4/day: The Food Stamp Budget Adventure, Part 1

A couple of months ago the Multnomah County Library approved my proposal to teach a nutrition class designed to use local resources for eating healthy on a budget. I was thinking accessibility. Knowing the importance of eating whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables I also knew how costly they could be. They don’t call it “Whole Paycheck” for nothing. So, I wanted to challenge myself to answer the question, “Is it possible to eat healthy on a limited budget?” Continue reading

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Achoo! – Tips to Weather a Longer Allergy Season

Pollen is in integral part of the web of life, but it is also what wreaks havoc on the immune systems of millions of people every year. With short, warm and dry winters, and early springs and summers allergy season has become longer and more intense in recent years. I’ve seen a growing number of people in the clinic suffering from itchy eyes and runny noses. People who have had allergies in the past have worsening symptoms, and people who did not suffer before suddenly find themselves sneezing. Continue reading

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Tupac’s Dad Was an Acupuncturist, and Other Tales on the Revolutionary Power of Acupuncture

On Monday a client asked me to come to her house to do group acupuncture for her and a group of friends. I treated six people in the comfort of her living room, and sat for an hour listening to their gentle slumbering as they drifted off to Acu-land. When it was over and I was un-pinning the last person I heard one of the participants talking about how amazing the experience had been for them, especially since most of the group was comprised of queer folks of color. I smiled quietly, thinking to myself, “This is exactly why I went to acupuncture school.” Continue reading

Grand Opening! May Specials and Mother’s Day Gift Cards

Zócalo Wellness opens for business May 1st

280px-Relaxing_FrogIn celebration of summer and workers around the world we’ll be opening our doors with May specials. Melt away your stress, tension and pain with a 50-minute session of acupuncture, bodywork and cupping for just $45. You work hard, now it’s time to relax!

Call (503) 719-5000 to schedule your visit:
Sundays 11-6
MondayWednesday 10-7
Thursdays 10-6

Acupuncture; gift; mother's dayWe also have Mother’s Day gift cards hot off the presses. Buy a $45 de-stress session for your mom and we’ll include a card for a unique and easy all-in-one gift. Each card is handmade with an original floral photo adorning the cover. Is she a lone, delicate rose? A vivacious, scarlet rhododendron? Or a soft and graceful dogwood? Whatever the wrapping she will surely appreciate this thoughtful gift. Cards can be purchased at the clinic during business hours MondayFriday 10am-7pm (checks or exact cash only for the gift cards, please).