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IMG_0170Health care and stories are both about connection. What follows is the story of how I came to this work and what I bring to healing.

When I was in kindergarten a classmate had such severe allergies and asthma that her face was always swollen and red. Attacks would often take her out of class. One day I saw her sitting in the principal’s office waiting to be picked up. I went back to class and asked if I could visit my friend to make sure she was okay, to my teacher’s great surprise. In my youthful innocence it was simply natural to want to sit with her and help her feel better.

Fast forward fifteen years. While working at a non-profit integrative healing collective in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I was introduced to traditional Chinese medicine. We offered bilingual allopathic and alternative health care to the Hispanic and low-income community and I saw how acupuncture and Chinese herbology was an incredibly effective way to treat many diseases and ailments that conventional medicine couldn’t touch. It crossed cultures and languages, and offered a totally different paradigm that proved to be a powerful tool to assess and treat the complexity of the human organism. Suddenly, folk medicine was revolutionary and knew I wanted to learn the art and science of it.

Now a practitioner in Portland, I sit with people like you and listen to their stories, just as I did with my kindergarten friend so long ago. And with acupuncture and Chinese medicine I have amazing tools to help aid the healing process. Every transformation is inspiring, whether it be recovering from the common cold or managing crippling anxiety. Every story unfolds in its own unique way and I look forward to hearing yours.

If you would like to know more about my professional experience or credentials click here. If you’d like to know more about the revolutionary roots of acupuncture and the importance of folk medicine in marginalized communities check out this article: Tupac’s Dad Was an Acupuncturist, and Other Tales on the Revolutionary Power of Acupuncture